Meet Cole Turner and Dakota Fae


Cole Turner – Dreamer and Visionary

Hello! I’m Cole Turner. I was born and raised in Colorado. Having lived there for 31 years there are numerous experiences I’ve had, both good and bad but some of those experiences I grew to love so much, they became immense passions!

Almost all of my passions started when I was old enough to know what I was experiencing and could comprehend the many emotions and good feelings those experiences were presenting to me. As I grew older, hobbies that were introduced to me at such a young age stuck and grew right along with me. Halloween and Christmas outdoor displays and spectating weekly Auto Racing events at my local asphalt short track were instilled into me at a very young age. Those were the young me hobbies that grew into very deep passions of mine in which I’m still actively participating in to this day!

Now that I am approaching the mid-life years, I have acquired a few other hobbies that also integrated their way into lifestyle additions that have added more diversity to the passions I hold close to my heart. The Collecting of Precious Metals and living the exhilarating highs and lows of Casino Life.

I thank you warmly for visiting Passionary Concepts and if these passions sparked your interest, stick around! I look forward to digging deeper into explaining the many details of all the experiences I’ve had with my passions along the way!

Dakota Fae

My name is Dakota Fae and in my professional life I have been working in technology analyzing data, managing projects and being the gate keeper for the last 22 years. This I find honestly keeps the money coming in but is not my main passion. I studied and got a degree in Criminal Phycology as I had a dream of being a Criminal Profiler. In 2013 I had a life altering event where I died (coded) for a brief moment and was brought back. This was due to a 5 1/2 foot blood clot from a surgeon who was more concerned with flirting with the staff in the surgical room(yes, I am one of those people who woke during surgery and couldn’t talk and it took them a little while to realize I was awake and in pain). Thanks to one of the best Cardiologist I know I am here today. I have always been a fighter and life has never been easy. At age 4 I was involved in a double homicide that I witnessed and to this day remember like it was yesterday, by the time I was 13 I had been through a decade of violent abuse at the hands of my grandmother after my mother was incarcerated and my father abandoned my little brother and I. By the time I was 16 I had already experienced domestic violence and rape at the hands of people you think love you. Then at the age of 16 I was married and then the over the years became the mother of 3 boys. After 20 years of marriage I found myself divorced and starting a new chapter in my life. Which I can tell you this new chapter in my life is like a dream come true. The amount of love I know now is like no other and not only am I newly married now 8 years, I also am now the grandmother of beautiful grand kids. I am more then humbled and blessed in life.

Why would I detail out all these aspects of who I am? Simple, I want to ensure that my readers know that they are not just talking with anyone and I want to help fight to find those who are missing and fight for their loved ones needing help finding those missing loved ones. I want to be the voice for those who are in abusive relationships or even a trafficking situation where they need help. If someone is just on the ledge in life and needs that helping voice to step back in from the ledge I am with all my heart here to listen and help if I can. I also want my readers to know that I am a real person who likes to cook, has children including one who is autistic, a grandmother who is madly in love with the gifts they are in my life and a loving wife who couldn’t imagine my life without the love of my life. I am a professional hard working woman who has always worked hard and has been devoted to the rights people have to have a voice and be free without harm at the hands of others. I am an advocate for our wildlife and animals in which I believe everything living should be loved and not harmed. Just because something can’t tell you you’re hurting them doesn’t mean they don’t feel pain both emotional and physical.

I look forward to sharing life with each of you and getting to know all of you.

Welcome to Passionary Concepts, where life is always full of options and dreams!