Human Trafficking in Arizona - Awareness Month


Human trafficking is a public health and safety issue that impacts individuals, families, and communities around the world.

Human Trafficker caught in Arizona

A new story came up yesterday that reminded me of a very serious issue that we have not only in the State of Arizona but around the world. This is not a issue that is specific to females or males. It is also not a issue that is only tied to young adults, this impact people of all ages including infants and up. It is a very scary situation that any of use could find ourselves in. It is not limited to race, age or profession.

I want to share an article that was released by the Yavapai Country Sheriffs on their Facebook page that we follow. Some of us here in Arizona may have noticed over the years that gas station bathrooms and some rest stops will have signs up showing information on what to do if you need help or if you see someone who needs help.

Arizona does NOT tolerate human trafficking

In the state of Arizona our communities and our government is committed to preventing the act of Human Trafficking and providing victims with the support they need. Arizona also has many options to help with Identifying, stopping, and preventing human trafficking this can only be done with the help of everyone in Arizona. Become Aware and if you are coming to use from a state other than Arizona please reach to your Governors office to see what awareness is happening to help with increasing prevention!