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Almost all of my passions started when I was old enough to know what I was experiencing and could comprehend the many emotions and good feelings those experiences were presenting to me.

I grew older, hobbies that were introduced to me at such a young age stuck and grew right along with me. Halloween and Christmas outdoor displays and spectating weekly Auto Racing events at my local asphalt short track were instilled into me at a very young age. Those were the young me hobbies that grew into very deep passions of mine in which I’m still actively participating in to this day!

Now that I am approaching the mid-life years, I have acquired a few other hobbies that also integrated their way into lifestyle additions that have added more diversity to the passions I hold close to my heart. The Collecting of Precious Metals and living the exhilarating highs and lows of Casino Life.

I thank you warmly for visiting Passionary Concepts and if these passions sparked your interest, stick around! I look forward to digging deeper into explaining the many details of all the experiences I’ve had with my passions along the way!

Auto Racing

From avid race car fan to race team and becoming the race car driver. In this forum we will have discussions on what it was like going from an avid race car fan in the stands to owner of my own race team and becoming a race car driver.

Casino Life

Living the casino life, from the highest of high’s when you’re hitting the jackpots on a hot machine to beating the dealer at the table and living the life of casino perks to the lowest of the low’s where you find yourself wondering how to pay the bills.

Precious Metals

A brief description is needed here, elaborating on the context, purpose, or details related to the subject being described.

Halloween Haunts

Every year Halloween is a time for frights and fun for the young and old all over the world. Here we discuss my passions with turning my love for Halloween into the most frightful and fun displays for all to enjoy.

Christmas Displays

Every year the holidays bring youth and joy to many of us around the world. Here we discuss my passions with turning holiday display ideas into reality and the joys finished displays bring to me.

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