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Passionary Concepts LLC was created with the mission to chronologize and inspire all who pour themselves into their current passions including the ones that haven’t been conceptualized yet. We hope to build a community where like-minded people can come together and read about myself Cole Turner and my wife Dakota Fae’s passions in life and join in on current conversations to offer advice, learn new things to help in their passions or talk about your experiences.

In life we each find ourselves with multiple passions and goals. We tend to find ourselves always looking for the next big jump in life or how to improve ourselves so we can be happy with the choices we have made. We can sometimes find it hard to fit in or find someone else who has been through similar life events or has insights into a passion we are curious about.

Here at Passionary Concepts LLC, we will share a handful of our passions and experiences while growing a community where new friends can share their experiences on some of the same passions we share.

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Talking with Dakota Fae

Talking with Dakota Fae will be a treat for everyone. Here you will be able to read daily posts about different events happening in the life of Dakota Fae and those around her, where you can join in on the conversation.

Talking with Cole Turner

Enjoy in-depth conversations with Cole about his many passions. Enjoy the topics of Auto Racing, Casino Life, Precious Metals, Halloween Haunts, and Christmas Displays.

I promise this will be an area you don't want to skip over.

Cat Shenanigans'

Share with us the daily cat shenanigans. Cats are awesome from playing with toys, bath times, cuddle sessions, eating and down right being hunted by our beloved fur babies in a game of cat and mouse.

Missing Persons Discussions

We are very passionate about helping those who are missing and their loved ones find closure. Here we will post different Missing Person Cases and related information to help in getting their families closure or their loved ones back home.

Cooking with Dakota Fae

From learning new recipes to try with your loved ones to discussions on the newest cookware. If you like to cook or bake then we have the perfect spot for you. Share your favorites and enjoy in ours.

Featured Posts

Our Cats

Getting to know our Cats

I wanted to share with our group our precious cats who are our world. Since our children are grown our cats have become our fur babies.

Auto Racing, My Beginning

Auto Racing, My Beginning

Auto Racing, The Early Days, My Beginning. Hi! Thank you for finding your way to my Auto Racing blog! I hope to inspire you and you can find lots of useful information from my experiences living the auto racing lifestyle.

In The Cards: An Early Stint with Youthful Gambling

In The Cards: An Early Stint with Youthful Gambling

In this post we start with the story behind when the Casino lifestyle and gambling world were introduced to me (Cole Turner).

Dakota Fae

In a situation need secrecy

In the cases of Domestic issues, sensitivity will be used, and a person can use code words or other means to indicate they need help. This is a serious topic so it is asked that you don’t abuse this feature as it could take away from someone in need.

Easy Ice Cream

Making Homemade Ice Cream

Do you love Ice Cream? I know we do but the cost at the stores are high and the quality compromised with artificial flavors and chemicals. Learn how to make it easy and with Ingredients you trust.

Coin Value Checking

Coin Value Checking

Come experience with me the journey of checking the values of coins we have with different apps to see if we save them or smelt them.

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